Krista Long Will Be THE ONLY Point Of Contact On Any Of Our Dogs For Any Reason. Anyone Else Trying To Sell Dogs With The Windy Ridge Livestock Logo IS A SCAM

We Are Josh, Krista, Maeson, MaKenna and Madyson Long Of Windy Ridge Livestock. 

The name Windy Ridge.....well that's pretty much self explanatory. We always have a constant steady breeze. Most often though, its a sustained wind. We have learned the hard way that hay tarps and anything not concreted down will not stay. And, in extreme cases as a few years ago can attest we lost our barn roof and an overhang.

We have always loved the outdoors and what better way for the farm to support itself than running livestock on it. We soon came to realize that though it was hard work, it was also very rewarding. Our kids have had great success with showing our goats, and the time we spend together with the dogs and goats is priceless.

We welcome visitors to the farm, but please give us a call or email to set up a time as we always have projects ongoing.

A Little About Us and Our Farm