Windy Ridge Livestock

1st Choice Male- Palm
2nd Choice Male- Ballard
3rd Choice Male- Davis
4th Choice Male-

1st Choice Female- Kish-Thorp
2nd Choice Female- Howard
3rd Choice Female- McCann
​4th Choice Female- 

Cooper x Trixie- Fall 2020. This will be our 1st litter of CKC American Corgi Puppies. We expect Blue Merles and Black Tri's. These puppies will be Clear/Carrier Not Affected for DM and VWD1, EIC Clear and some will be Fluffy Carriers.

1st Choice Male- Youngblood
2nd Choice Male- Clegg-Davis
3rd Choice Male- Shumaker
4th Choice Male- Hanko-Gundlach

1st Choice Female- Troutman
2nd Choice Female- Spencer-Bullock
3rd Choice Female- Lowry
​4th Choice Female-

Cooper x Gypsy- Fall/Early Winter 2020. This will be a repeat of the litter born 6/7/2020. These puppies will be triple clear (DM, EIC and VWD1) by parentage.

1st Choice Male- DeBoer
2nd Choice Male- 
3rd Choice Male- 
4th Choice Male- 

1st Choice Female- Stewart
2nd Choice Female- Sutor
3rd Choice Female- 
​4th Choice Female-

Ender x Bindii- Fall 2020. This will be a beautiful litter of CKC American Corgi Puppies. These puppies will be all Bluie Merles or Bluies. These puppies will be Clear/Carrier Not Affected for DM. Clear for VWD1 and EIC. All will carry a double copy of the dd locus gene which makes them BLUIES!!

We accept a $300 deposit per puppy choice. This is fully refundable (or transferred to a different litter) per buyers choice, if we don't have enough males or females born. Deposits are accepted via Venmo, PayPal Friends and Family, Or Checks. This page is updated as picks receive deposits.

Last Updated 8/12/2020

Upcoming Planned Litters