WRL2 Grainger's Prodigal Son

Purchased by Harwood Family Farm 

WRL2 Grainger's............................

Purchased by Piedmont Boer Goats for $4,000

WRL2 Grainger's Aftershock

Purchased by Elkins View Family Farm 

WRL2 Sheez Outta My League

Purchased by Pickrell Family Farm for $5,500

Here's A Sample of The Quality Does We Have Sold

WRL2 Grainger's Twisted Image

Purchased by Twisted Cedar Boer Goats 

Here's A Sample of The Quality Bucks We Have Sold

WRL2 Grainger's Mardi Gras

Purchased by Pickrell Family Farm for $2,500

WRL2 Grainger's Dappled Diamond

Purchased by Mayo Boer Goats for $2,700

WRL2 Grainger's Zhaitan

Purchased by County Line Acres Boer Goats 

WRL2 Grainger's Ms Exotica

Purchased by Rockin R Farm for $3,500

WRL2 Grainger's Swamp Donkey

Purchased by Whiskey Bridge Lviestock 

WRL2 Grainger's Triple Platinum

Purchased by Rounding Dapple Hills Farm

WRL2 Grainger's My O My

Purchased by Dutil Boer Goats for $3,500

WRL2 Grainger's Miss America

Purchased by MAK2 Boer Goats for $6,700

WRL2 Mossy Oaks Sheeza Sparkler

Purchased by Swank Hollow Farm for $1,700

WRL2 Grainger's Undercover Crush

Purchased by Mayo Boer Goats for $7,000

WRL2 Grainger's Panzer

Purchased by Dutil Boer Goats 

WRL2 Glitz's Keepin' It Real

Purchased by Blue Mountain Boer Goats for $1,200

WRL2 Grainger's Hoss

Purchased by Scharr Family Farm

Windy Ridge Livestock

WRL2 Grainger's Shekinah Glory

Purchased by Rounding Dapple Hills Farm for $32,000

WRL2 Grainger's Pumpkin Crush

Purchased by Filam Farm for $3,500

WRL2 Glitz's Ramblin' Rockstar

Purchased by Sam Noot

WRL2 Grainger's Ms Blackpoints

Purchased by Filam Farm for $3,100