WRL2 Grainger's Point Taken

Purchased by Paulson Ranch Boer Goats

South Dakota

WRL2 Grainger's Pumpkin Crush

Purchased by Filam Farm for $3,500

WRL2 Grainger's Shekinah Glory

Purchased by Rounding Dapple Hills Farm for $32,000

WRL2 Grainger's Writin' Hot Checks

Purchased by Pickrell Family Farm

​Dresden, Ohio

WRL2 Grainger's Hoss

Purchased by Scharr Family Farm

WRL2 Grainger's Ms Blackpoints

Purchased by Filam Farm for $3,100

WRL2 Glitz's Ramblin' Rockstar

Purchased by Sam Noot

WRL2 Grainger's Prodigal Son

Purchased by Harwood Family Farm 

WRL2 Grainger's Femme Fatale

Purchased by Piedmont Boer Goats for $4,000

WRL2 Grainger's Aftershock

Purchased by Elkins View Family Farm 

WRL2 Ghost's Turmoil

Residing In 

West Virginia

WRL2 Sheez Outta My League

Purchased by Pickrell Family Farm for $5,500

Here's A Sample of The Quality Does We Have Sold

WRL2 Splash Of Class

Purchased by Piedmont Boer Goats for $7,500

WRL2 Grainger's Twisted Image

Purchased by Twisted Cedar Boer Goats 

Here's A Sample of The Quality Bucks We Have Sold

WRL2 Grainger's Mardi Gras

Purchased by Pickrell Family Farm for $2,500

WRL2 Grainger's Dappled Diamond

Purchased by Mayo Boer Goats for $2,700

WRL2 Grainger's Zhaitan

Purchased by County Line Acres Boer Goats 

WRL2 Grainger's Ms Exotica

Purchased by Rockin R Farm for $3,500

WRL2 Grainger's Swamp Donkey

Purchased by Whiskey Bridge Lviestock 

WRL2 Grainger's Ghost

Purchased by Orsak Boer Goats

Sterling City, Texas

WRL2 Gotham's Blacklist

Purchased by The Moore Family


WRL2 Grainger's Triple Platinum

Purchased by Rounding Dapple Hills Farm

WRL2 Grainger's My O My

Purchased by Dutil Boer Goats for $3,500

WRL2 Grainger's Miss America

Purchased by MAK2 Boer Goats for $6,700

WRL2 Mossy Oaks Sheeza Sparkler

Purchased by Swank Hollow Farm for $1,700

WRL2 Gotham's Sobriety Check

Residing In Nebraska

WRL2 Gotham's Road Rage

Purchased By The Siciliano Family 

West Virginia

WRL2 Grainger's Undercover Crush

Purchased by Mayo Boer Goats for $7,000

WRL2 Grainger's Panzer

Purchased by Dutil Boer Goats 

WRL2 Glitz's Keepin' It Real

Purchased by Blue Mountain Boer Goats for $1,200

Windy Ridge Livestock