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LOT # 107

WRL2 Rico's Pink Chablis

Fullblood (10790343)

D.O.B. 12/22/2017

This is our last lot of the day, so if your looking to add some Grainger blood mixed with a bit of Coppertox, here's your chance. Pink Chablis was only 1 of 2 doelings that I had as a result of breeding Grainger's Ricochet before selling him last fall. They have not dissapointed. Her dam is a minimal dappled doe that was a great 1st time mom. This doe has a white patch behind her right ear and on her left rib cage, so should be a color producer. She is 2x2 teats.

Thank You Brian and Molly Badtke of La Creek Boer Goats, Lamont Iowa

LOT # 77

WRL2 Rollin In Diamionds

88% Doe (10769238)

D.O.B. 09/18/2017

Nice elegant 88% doe here. Sired by the Rollin Coal buck and out of a red dappled percentage doe that has been a great producer for us. This young doe will be moderate framed when she matures. Interesting pedigree on this gal, combining a little bit of everything. Teats are 1x1 clean. Take her home and grow her up a bit and have her produce some correct and colorful kids for you.

Thank You Jeff and Mack of FilAm Family Farm, Granville, Ohio.

LOT # 12

WRL2 Rollin' In Red

Fullblood (10771593)

​D.O.B. 10/20/2017

Stunning Red doe here!! She's super balanced, with a beautiful neck, plenty of rib length, a gorgeous head and check out that top line. Her sire is a black buck that threw very correct, colorful and vigorous kids for us. Both of her brothers were black. Her dam is a super easy keeping doe that milks great and is a great producer no matter what buck you breed her with. Teats are 2x2 with greater that 50% split.

Thank You Jeff and Mack of FilAm Family Farm, Granville, Ohio.

LOT # 46

BLSM Chili Bean

Fullblood (10738380)

D.O.B. 04/05/2016

Teats: 1x2

​WOW What an opportunity here!! This doe has had a huge impact on our herd, now it's time for her to impact yours!! This beautiful doe is incredible!! Amazing head, great on the front, excellent length, and just look at the hip!! She has been flushed 1 time, and we are retaining all of the doelings. BIOPRYN CONFIRMED BRED to TMB Coppertox's Glitz TMB-D223 (10656760) our MASSIVE Black Dapple Coppertox Son for end of December kids!! Chili Beans Sire was a black dapple, and her twin sister is solid black, so a very good chance for some black dappled babies just in time for the new year!! Teats are 1x2. Show Correct and Show Quality!!

Thank You Jeff and Andrea Pickrell of Pickrell Family Farm, Fredricktown, Ohio.