Windy Ridge Livestock

Kip x Trixie-  This will be a beautiful litter of CKC American Corgi Puppies. We Expect These puppies to be Blue Merles or Black Tris, The Black Tris will all be bluie carriers. This litter also has the potential to be full fluffs or fluff carriers. These puppies will be Clear(A)/Carrier Not Affected(B) for DM and VWD1. Clear(A) For EIC and PRA-RCD3. Fluff testing will be submitted to Gensol prior to picks.

Kip X Trixie's Litter
Born 11/20/2021
Ready 01/15/2022

Kip and Miss Trixie

1st Choice Male- Reyling
2nd Choice Male- Lowry
3rd Choice Male- Grosjean

1st Choice Female- Joulene
2nd Choice Female- Chevalier
3rd Choice Female-