Windy Ridge Livestock

Yeti (left) and Sable (right)

Sasha at 8 months and MaKenna

Occasionally We Offer Adult Trained LGD. These dogs are over 8 months old and have been out actively guarding our herd. By this age they have experienced a kidding and are well suited to guard their own flock or herd. WE HAVE NO ADULTS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME!!

Tundra at 4 Months

From left to right: Yeti, Rapunzel, Anna and Pearl

Sasha is one of the 1st Pyrenees we got 6 years ago. She is an amazing guard as these pictures tell.  She is a the pack leader and is 100% business. I have retained 2 daughters, Baylee (who is expecting Tundra puppies mid January 2020, and Josie (littermate to the 2 pups still available).


Rapunzel is now working on a 3,000 acre sheep farm in Colorado with her littermate sister Nala, and other friend Anna.




Stella Rose watching her herd.

​She is a Yeti x Sable Daughter.

The Livestock Guard Dogs here at Windy Ridge Livestock are The Great Pyrenees. We chose this breed because of their docility and kindness towards us and our children and theirfierce protective instincts when it comes to the sheep and goats.

Our dogs are raised with our goats from the age of 2 weeks when we turn them in with a group of along with their mom. At this young age, its beneficial for them to be around what they will one day be guarding. By the time they are mobile the instincts of these great dogs are already at work.

We currently have 15 working guards on the farm. 9 Intact Females named Sasha, Sable, Belle, Baylee, Tola, Tiana, Stella, Mulan, and Moana. 3 spayed females Elsa, Mandy and Brandi, Our Intact Males are Tundra, Yeti and Nanook. 

All of our dogs are loved on and made over everyday when we chore. We spend more hours in our barn than in our house. All dogs come from generations of working lines and are currently working for us here on our farm.


We have litters arriving throughout the year as farms and individuals need LGD's. Females are $550.00 and Males are $450.00. Puppies are raised in the barn with the livestock so as to be better adapted for their new homes and future livestock guardian dogs. Contact Us For More Information and Availability.

**PLEASE NOTE** Our Dogs Are Actively Working Dogs!! They Are NOT Penned OR Tied Up, But Work Guarding Large Fields (25-200 acres). They Guard Anywhere From 25-60 Goats At A Time!! They Are Alert, Agile, and Ready To Chase Predators at a Moments Notice. Puppies Are Raised With Their Mom and Are Following Her and The Goats Around At A Very Young Age!! This Makes For Puppies That Get ALOT Of Exercise!!

Young Baylee learning the ropes.

She is a Yeti x Sasha Daughter.

Mulan and her puppies and Peanut the bottle baby goat.

Sasha pictured front and Anna in the back. Anna is now working on a 3,000 acre sheep farm in Colorado.



Belle is one of our foundation females. She is an excellent guard who takes her job very seriously. We have only ever bred her to Tundra as the puppies she produces with him are absolutely beautiful. 

Nanook, one of our young stud dogs, who is a few days shy of a year old in this picture. He's a total out cross from our females. We purchased his dam Brandi bred and kept the pick of the litter. 

Sasha (rear) and Nala (front)