LOT #75

WRL2 SHA3 Red Hot 'N' Purdy

ABGA 100% Fullblood (10640970)

D.O.B. 10/21/2013

Teat Structure: 2 x 1 clean

Sire: DL Paint Your Wagon

Dam: SHA3 Red Hot Perfection

This Pretty Paint Doe is a Real Looker. Shes a fantastic brood doe!! She comes to you heavy bred and due to kid May 5, 2018, yes you read that right, kids just 4 weeks after the sale. Shes bred to WRL2 Grainger's Kryptonite a black Grainger son. His kids so far have been very correct and very wide. Purdy when bred to black bucks has kidded all black or black dapple paint kids. Take her home and see a quick turn on your investment. Biopryn and ultrasound confirmed. Heavy Bred and Bagging. THIS LOT WAS SUBBED WITH 5 STRAWS OF SEMEN ON WRL2 GRAINGER'S KRYPTONITE, HEADED TO KANSAS

​​​LOT #66

WRL2 Grainger's Summer Wine

ABGA 99% (10769232)

D.O.B. 6/24/2017

Teat Structure: 2 x 2

Sire: NATS Graffiti's Grainger

Dam: WRL2 Mossy Oaks Arianna

This Girl Has Been An Eye Catcher From The Time She Was Born!! Shes really thick, really muscled and topped off with some really pretty spots!! Take her home, show her a bit and then let her produce some super nice kids for you. Her sister sells as Lot 21.


We Are Excited To Announce That We Will Be Consigning To The 3rd Annual Georgia Peach Production Sale On April 7, 2018 in Blairsville, Georgia!!

Visit www.gapeachproductionsale.com for more information.

We will be posting our Lots to this page so check back often.

We will also be offering transportation back to our farm or anywhere along our route back to Ohio. Please contact us for details.


LOT #21

WRL2 Grainger's Scarlet Lady

ABGA Purebred 99% (10771154)

D.O.B. 6/24/2017

Teat Structure: 1 x 2 (Fish, NOT Show Correct)

Sire: NATS Graffiti's Grainger

Dam: WRL2 Mossy Oaks Arianna

We start our lots with a very stylish red paint doe sired by Grainger. This doe has been an eye catcher from the time she was born. She is wide, with plenty of muscle. Her dam is a super productive doe that we raised, and from a family with great maternal traits. Lots of color behind this gal. She does have a spot on her left hip. Its the constant one in the pictures despite the snow that was making this photos shoot lotsa fun. Bite is on, she is NOT Show Correct due to a fish teat on one side. It doesn't appear that this will cause an issue nursing kids. Her triplet sister sells as Lot 66.

LOT #52

WRL2 Grainger's Daisy If Ya Do

ABGA  Fullblood (10747902)

D.O.B. 3/20/2017

Teat Structure: 1 x 1 w/small well spaced non functionals

Sire: NATS Graffiti's Grainger

Dam: CRCKY Cane Run Creek WRL2 Tonkas Adira

Fantastic Tiger Dapple Grainger Daughter Her!! Super functional lines here and her dam is BLACK!! We have extensively used her brother Kryptinite who is also black, in our breeding program. If it were not for having 2 full sisters that were born a few weeks ago, we would not be offering her.. Reproductively untouched. This is only the 2nd full dapple fullblood Grainger daughter we have offered to date.. SOLD TO ROCKIN R FARMS GEORGIA!!

LOT #93

WRL2 NATS Lil Punkin

ABGA 88% (10689012)

D.O.B. 10/13/2014

Teat Structure: 2 x 1 clean

Sire: BOJO Bon Joli Z007 aka "Thunderball"

Dam: NATS Halle-Ween

Beautiful and Functional doe here. Shes red with a faint white spot on her back. Great brood doe. She comes to you heavy bred to NATS Graffiti's Grainger! Shes Due May 2, 2018. This pairing has produced both red dapples and solid reds that have great growth and structure. Don't miss this opportunity to take home a doe bred to Grainger as we don't offer bred does very often. She will be Biopryn and ultrasound confirmed. By sale day will be heavy and bagging. 


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