We will be posting Our Lot Information for the 2018 sale closer to sale date. Below Pictured were our lots for the 2017 sale.

We will also be hauling any of our lots home from the sale for free and can meet anyone along our route.

Please email us for any questions you may have.

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LOT 36

3LF Polka Poppy

ABGA Purebred 99% (10597640)

D.O.B. 03/15/2012

Sire: 3LF Color My World

Dam: 3LF Harlequins Romance

This doe comes from the heart of our breeding program. A serious color producer that knows her job and does it well. So Well....that the PROOF is in Lot 27....her daughter. Poppy Pictured here in Pasture condition. She gets ZERO Grain!! She Sells Open and Ready To Breed!!

LOT 13

WRL2 Grainger's Red Thundercrush

ABGA Purebred 94%

D.O.B. 03/19/2017

Sire: NATS Graffiti's Grainger

Dam: NATS Lil Punkin

We want to start of our lots with a really interesting breeding piece. This is a Grainger daughter, who's dam is a direct daughter of the great Thunderball buck. Talk about some powered up genetics!! This doe is really coming on fast!! Don't let her solid red color fool you. Her sire is dappled, her dam is a minimal dapple, and her twin brother is a dapple. Finish growing this girl out, breed her, and let her produce gorgeous kids for you!! Bite is on, teats are 1x1 with well spaced non functionals on each side.

Windy Ridge Livestock

LOT 90

WRL2 Mossy Oaks Needin' Some Grace

ABGA FUllblood

D.O.B. 03/08/2017

Sire: SHA3 Mossy Oak

Dam: DL Grace Under Fire

This beautiful gal is our last offering today. We hold our Mossy Oak daughters pretty near and dear to our hearts because of the tremendous productivity of them. This ones family is no different. Beautiful paint pattern on this girl. She may not have gotten the dapples like her brother, but none the less, she will be a great asset and color producer. Take this young girl home, finish growing her out and let her produce gorgeous kids for you. Bite is on, Teats are 1 and D5 on the abga chart. SHE IS NOT SHOW CORRECT. It does not appear that kids would have trouble nursing.

LOT 57

3LF Motif

ABGA Purebred 98% (10597643)

D.O.B. 02/16/2014

Sire: 3LF Stargate

Dam: 3LF Matinee

Call Us Crazy Folks, But What A Gorgeous Tiger Dapple Doe We Are Offering. Pictured here in Pasture Condition...She gets ZERO Grain!! Fantastic Opportunity Here to purchase an own daughter of Stargate. Motif Sells open and ready to breed.

​The Fall Into Colors Boer Goat Sale

October 13, 2018 at 12 Noon EST

LOT 27

WRL2 Grainger's Mardi Gras

ABGA Purebred 99%

D.O.B. 01/19/2017

Sire: NATS Graffiti's Grainger

Dam: 3LF Polka Poppy

This Doe Is Absolutely Breathtaking. She is wide with great bone, but is still feminine up through her neck. Sired by Grainger out of a really pretty full dapple CGL doe, who will sell as LOT 36. 

LOT 45

WRL2 Grainger's Red Cowgirl

ABGA FUllblood

D.O.B. 03/12/2017

Sire: NATS Graffiti's Grainger

Dam: DL Smokin Cowgirl

What an Awesome Grainger daughter here!! She may be young, but she is solid made!! Tons of width, mass, bone and hind end muscle that Grainger so consistently stamps on his kids!! Her dam is a beautiful minimal paint doe that had a beautiful udder and milk supply. This will be the LAST Grainger daughter offered in this sale and for the year. So Don't miss out!! Bite is on, teats are 1x1 with a greater than 50% split.