Windy Ridge Livestock

Blossom (Left) and Indigo (Right) are twin sisters. Registered French Alpines

Setha and her doeling Blinker. Setha is a registered American Toggenburg. She milks well over a gallon a day.

Cinnamon (Left) and Snickers (Right) are mother and daughter. Registered French Alpines

Thank You To Everyone Who Purchased Dairy Kids From Us This Year!! We Will Be Expecting More Kids February 2021. We Will Have Registered Lamanchas, French Alpines, and American Alpines.

This Page Is Dedicated To Our Dairy Goat Herd!! They Are Quite The "Collection". We Have Alpines (both French and American), Lamanchas, 1 Nubian, and 2 Toggenburgs. Some are registered, and some are grade. However ALL are fantastic milkers!!

We have around 30 head of Dairy Goats.

Mae Mae is the daughter of Blossom. She Is A Registered French Alpine

Fresh Or Frozen Goats Milk For Sale By The Gallon.....For "Animal Use Only" 


A Group Of Our Dairy Does Grazing 09/09/2019