Windy Ridge Livestock

Our Brood Does

WRL2 Gothams Adella

Fullblood (10833529)

D.O.B. 11/26/2019

Sire: WRL2 Grainger's Gotham

Dam: BLSM Mark Me Maya

This Gorgeous Solid Black Doe resulted from a highly anticipated cross!! It did not dissapoint!! Not only is she gorgeous, she is PRODUCTIVE!! She kidded triplet black dapples sired by Smokin Hot Spots In January and is currently bred back to EVEN Evenly Fold My Cape Of Secrets **Ennobled** for late August kids!! Yep, do the math....thats 2 sets of kids before she is 21 months old. And she is pictured after having and weaning the 1st set!! She is on the flush schedule for January!!

CRCKY WRL Vegas Diamond Delight

Fullblood (10718538)

D.O.B. 8/12/2014

Sire: MAXS Max Boer Goats Imax Vegas

Dam: CRCKY Cane Creek's Spotted Diamond

This doe who we call "Baby" has been an excellent producer for us!! She is a big deep bodied girl that has her kids and raises them right. She is currently bred to WRL2 U Decide For mid May 2021 kids.

WRL2 Shock N Awe

Fullblood (10831536)

D.O.B. 4/07/2019

Sire: RDLR Little's Aftershock **Ennobled**

Dam: BPMC B and P Coppertox's Mojito ** Ennobled**

The Name Is Really Fitting On This Gal!! She has been explosive since the day she hit the ground!! She kidded a beautiful red tiger dapple doeling mid January 2021 sired by WRL2 U Decide.

CRCKY WRL2 Vegas Lexi

Fullblood (10711979)

D.O.B. 12/14/2015

Sire: MAXS Max Boer Goats Imax Vegas

Dam: CRCKY Cane Creek's Moon Rain

This is our sweet black dappled headed Lexi Girl. Shes a great producer for us.  She kidded a black paint doeling sired by LK7 Smokin Hot Spots early January 2021.

WRL2 Grainger's Leave It To Me

Fullblood (10823775)

D.O.B. 04/07/2019

Sire: NATS Graffiti's Grainger

Dam: BLSM Mark Me Maya

Yet Another Offspring From This Amazing Cross!! Flushmate to Grainger's Ghost and Senorita Mas Fina!! This set Ran DEEP!! Confirmed bred to WRL2 U Decide (ADVBG Unanimous Decision Ennobled x JAD SRB Spider's Lucky Star), and due mid February 2021.