Windy Ridge Livestock

Our Brood Does

CRCKY WRL Vegas Diamond Delight

Fullblood (10718538)

D.O.B. 8/12/2014

Sire: MAXS Max Boer Goats Imax Vegas

Dam: CRCKY Cane Creek's Spotted Diamond

This doe who we call "Baby" has been an excellent producer for us!! She is a big deep bodied girl that has her kids and raises them right. She is currently bred to WRL2 U Decide For mid May 2021 kids.

WRL2 Shock N Awe

Fullblood (10831536)

D.O.B. 4/07/2019

Sire: RDLR Little's Aftershock **Ennobled**

Dam: BPMC B and P Coppertox's Mojito ** Ennobled**

The Name Is Really Fitting On This Gal!! She has been explosive since the day she hit the ground!! She kidded a beautiful red tiger dapple doeling mid January 2021 sired by WRL2 U Decide.

CRCKY WRL2 Vegas Lexi

Fullblood (10711979)

D.O.B. 12/14/2015

Sire: MAXS Max Boer Goats Imax Vegas

Dam: CRCKY Cane Creek's Moon Rain

This is our sweet black dappled headed Lexi Girl. Shes a great producer for us.  She kidded a black paint doeling sired by LK7 Smokin Hot Spots early January 2021.

WRL2 Paloma Caliente Royal

Fullblood (10801767)

D.O.B. 10/08/2018

Sire: URBG Smoke's Redhawk

Dam: MW8 Westfall's Mojito Royal

Really love this young red with belly white gal. She's put together a bit different than her sister below. Shes more elegant and feminine in her makeup. She just kidded twins sired by WRL2 U Decide in early January 2021. Look for her beast of a solid red doe kid in the Bluegrass Sale May 15th!!

WRL2 Grainger's Leave It To Me

Fullblood (10823775)

D.O.B. 04/07/2019

Sire: NATS Graffiti's Grainger

Dam: BLSM Mark Me Maya

Yet Another Offspring From This Amazing Cross!! Flushmate to Grainger's Ghost and Senorita Mas Fina!! This set Ran DEEP!! Confirmed bred to WRL2 U Decide (ADVBG Unanimous Decision Ennobled x JAD SRB Spider's Lucky Star), and due mid February 2021.