Windy Ridge Livestock

AKC Registered Great Pyrenees 

Windy Ridge's Doc

AKC Registered Badgered Male

Windy Ridge's Etta

AKC Registered Badgered Female

It has taken us several years to take the leap into AKC registered Great Pyrenees. The reasoning......we couldn't find dogs to build our program with that were raised in a working environment, actively working AND came from proven generations of actively working dogs!! ALL of those things are at the top of our list of requirements for our dogs!! But Alas, we finally found what we were looking for and they have proven themselves over the last year and a half of owning them. "Doc" and "Etta Mae" were purchased in October 2020. Yes, littermates. This has always been a great experience for us with our working dogs. "Etta Mae" will always be bred to an outside male stud, until we get another stud line brought in.